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Our Mission

Shaping a Future of Dignity, Harmony, and Self-Reliance

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Beaverhouse First Nation

Who We Are

Beaverhouse is an old settlement on the banks of the Misema River system northeast of Kirkland Lake, Ontario.

The name of the community is derived from the Algonquin name of the river, Maaseema Qweesh, where Qweesh refers to a ‘beaver’s nest or house’.

Beaverhouse was not included as a community in the Treaty #9 document, which was initially established in 1906, with adhesions in 1929 and 1930.

Mission Statement

To Build a Community for the people of Beaverhouse in which we may live with dignity and in harmony with each other and nature;

By providing Leadership that will enable people to become self-reliant, in keeping with traditional ways, in partnership with others and with the guidance of the Creator in all we do.

Beaverhouse Fish Derby

Programs & Services

Developing and implementing health, social, economic, cultural, educational and recreational programs and activities to meet the needs of the Beaverhouse First Nation Community Band Members

  • Prevention Program (All Ages)
  • Choose Life (Ages 7-17)
  • Baby & Family Wellness (Prenatal – Age 6)
Beaverhouse First Nation

Upcoming Events

Join us for the following community activities. Browse our upcoming community, educational, and family events.

Beaverhouse First Nation Treaty Reserve Claim

On 19 April 2022, Beaverhouse First Nation (“BHFN”) received its acceptance letter from Canada, recognizing that BHFN is a First Nation collectivity, having section 35 rights under the Canadian Constitution. Beaverhouse Chief and Council will be appointing a negotiation team to begin negotiations with Canada to figure out how to resolve this historic grievance and find our path to reconciliation.

We believe that Canada is open to exploring a resolution that meets BHFN’s needs rather than imposing a resolution on us. BHFN will be looking to negotiate financial compensation for the historical wrong of not having a reserve set aside for us in 1906 (Treaty 9).

We hope to hear from Ontario shortly on its acceptance of our Claim so that we can also have discussions with the province on having land set aside for our use and benefit as a reserve.

Background on Claim

The Claim was submitted to Canada and Ontario in July 2018. The Claim is based on the failure of Canada and Ontario to recognize BHFN as an Indian band and treat BHFN as a separate and distinct First Nation. BHFN asserts that it was, is, and always has been, a separate and distinct First Nation and that it and its ancestors did not sign, nor later adhere, to Treaty 9, nor any other Treaty.

Next Steps

BHFN will be reaching out to Canada to schedule its initial exploratory meeting so that we can begin to discuss an appropriate resolution to the Claim. Once BHFN and Canada have come to some agreement on a resolution, Canada will then seek approval from the Cabinet on formalizing the resolution.

As we meet with Canada and move forward in our discussions, we will continue to keep members informed. We are inviting Beaverhouse Band Members for a Land Claim meeting on Saturday, May 21st, at 1:00 pm at the Band Office. Please contact the office for virtual attendance options.