Child and Family Support Services Department

Beaverhouse First Nation

Jordan's Principle Program

Jordan’s Principle ensures all First Nation children living in Canada can access the products, services, and support they need when they need them. Children under the age of 18 can access Jordan’s Principle if they permanently reside in Canada and if the child meets one of the following criteria:

  • Is registered or eligible to be registered under the Indian Act
  • Has one parent or guardian who is registered or eligible to be registered under the Indian Act.
  • Is ordinarily resident on reserve.
  • Is recognized by their nation for the purpose of Jordan’s Principle.

What is covered under Jordan's Principle:


•Mobility Aids •Mental Health Services •Medical Supplies and Equipment •Wheelchair Ramps


•Land Based Activities •Specialized Summer Camps •Respite Care •Personal Support Worker


•Tutoring •Educational Assistant •Assisted Technology •School Supplies

Child Welfare Advocacy and Support Program

What is Child Welfare Program:

  • Serves as the main contact between a First Nation and Child and Family Services Providers (Kunuwanimano).
  • Ensures Child and Family Service providers address the real needs of First Nations children and their families.
  • Builds and maintains meaningful cultural, family, and community connections for First Nations children, youth, and families involved with the Child and Family Services system.
  • Participates in child and family services administrative and court proceedings.
  • Helps families access prevention supports.
  • Participates in the development and monitoring of service plans with Child and Family Services providers.
  • Developing and monitoring protocols, and service agreements with Child and Family Services providers.

Focus and Goals:

  • Promote positive culturally based parenting skills through workshops and training.
  • Promote healthy child development.
  • Provide family support.
  • Promote physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional wellness through therapeutic programming.
  • Connect First Nations children, youth, and families with the lands, language, cultures, traditions, ceremonies and knowledge of Beaverhouse First Nation.