Beaverhouse First Nation

Lands and Resources Department

The lands department monitors and consults on all activities related to Mining, Forestry and other resource development projects, as they are the largest threats to our traditional territory, land use and aboriginal rights. The lands department is responsible for the identification, protection, management and preservation of Beaverhouse First Nation Traditional lands and values.

Overview of Activities:

  • Participate in Forest planning meetings for the Temiskaming Forest and the Abitibi River Forest to identify areas of concern and ensure they are properly being protected and to raise any concerns with current practices such as chemical spraying, etc.
  • Attend other various meetings, info sessions and webinars such as local citizens’ committee, species at risk, Moose management and gap analysis meetings to share our perspective on current issues and to protect areas of concern
  • Conduct research into traditional values and land use and maintain the Values database, as well as use mapping software to protect these sites from industry
  • Review Forest Resource Licenses, Crown Land Purchases, Crown Shore applications or applications for the use of natural resources on Crown Land and determine the impact on our values, traditional use areas and aboriginal rights.
  • Take part in archaeological work occurring on the traditional territory. Recently, we had a youth join us at the Upper Beaver project to learn about the process and take part in fieldwork
  • Research Forestry Initiatives and forestry agreements with sustainable forest license holders that could be implemented
  • Meet with proponents and representatives to discuss projects
  • Conduct site visits and take photos/document findings
  • Provide updates to the Band Manager, Chief & Council and Community members
  • Take part in conferences and training sessions as they arise
  • Post various information related to forestry/mining on the Facebook page. If you wish to receive updates or postings via email, please contact me with your information

We have held community info sessions and consultation meetings to discuss forestry/mining activities within the Traditional Territory, such as proposed forest operations and annual work schedules, herbicide spraying, spruce budworm, land use and land selection meetings and medicinal plant workshops.